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    How to Activate whats App payment | How to create Whats App UPI payment

    WhatsApp you people well known the word. I think you people are familiar to work with whats up. Now whatsApp launched the payment system in their latest update version. WhatsApp payment feature is mainly based on Unified payment Interface(UPI).Presently WhatsApp payment system is under beta version .Shall we start how to create the WhatsApp UPI payment system in your whatsApp.
    whats up UPI payment activation on Your Number

    Open your whatsApp
     Goto chat list and select any one of the your liked contact chat.
     In that go to attachment symbol from the list you select payment option.

     Go to your settings from their also you can select payments option.

    Click on Payment It will Verify your phone number via sms. After verifying sms it will show the list of bank account.


    From the list of bank names you select which bank account your having click on that.
    Note:Your whatsApp number is the same on listed on your bank account. 
    Select Your bank account  from the list it. verify your number on the bank account.

    Successfully you added Your whatsApp number to whatsApp payment system.
    You send or receive money through who are registered whatsapp payment service on their mobile number
    Start sending or receiving money through your whatsApp.
    How to activate whatsapp Payment service in your whats App number You can watch the video for step by step procedure.
    Conclusion: I Hope you people got the information How to create a WhatsApp Payment service through your whatsApp number. 

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