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    How to Calculate Sum in Excel | How to calculate Auto sum in Excel

    Different ways to calculate  sum in Excel.In excel if you wants to add or sum of rows or columns excel you can do easily with the help of sum functions and auto sum operation in excel. Read the entire post for learning different ways to calculate the sum in excel workbooks.

    How to calculate sum in excel by Using AutoSum

    First and most shortest way to calculate the sum in excel is by using the AutoSum function in excel.In excel AutoSum function directly available in Home tab in that editing there you can find AutoSum button.

    Auto Sum button availbe in one more location that is in Formulas tab in that Autosum Button is there


    Calculating the Sum by using Autosum function in Coulmns
    Step 1: Enter Any numbers for addition in one column.
    Step 2: Select the Blank Cell after the numbers 
    Step 3: Click the Auto sum Button on the Home Ribbon.
     Alt+= is the short cut for the sum of the cells.
    The Sum formula will appear in the cell. Which means that it will calculate the some from the particular cells only. In the Image it will add the F6 to F11 only.
    TIPS: Once You enter the formula you can copy and paste calculating the some from other cells or other sheets also.

    Typing Formula in the Cells 

    Just type the Formula in the Blank cell shown above. Formula is =Sum(Your First Cell : and Last Cell)

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