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    How to create a Sub domain in C Panel

    In this article we learn  how to create a sub domain and manage sub domain in your hosting c panel
    Sub domain: Sub domain is a subsection of your website.
    You can host your sub domain from  your hosting panel. Here am showing the sample structure of sub domain.
    Example is if you registered a domain name is lakstutorial.com then the sub domain name is looks like abc.lakstutorial.com. Here we are adding the prefix name to your domain name. That is nothing but the sub domain.
    Now let us see how to add the sub domain name in your c panel.

    Adding Sub domain in C Panel

    1. Login to Your C Panel Account ) Go to Domain Section >Sub domains

    2. Enter the required details for your sub domain.
    3. Click on Create.
    NOTE: As per the above image in the document Root you can select where your sub domain files wants to store. If you leave empty by default it will store all files in public_html/blog folder in hosting File Manger
    Conclusion: I Hope You people Got the information how to create a sub domain in your c panel account. I think all the information provided in the article if i miss any thing feel free tell me in the comments.

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