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    How to Remove a Blog in Blogger | How to Delete a Blog in Blogger

    Blogger is the best and familiar platform that allows create and host your blog in the web with free of cost.
    May be you made many mistakes are not, and now your not interested to use the blogger blog, may be some other reasons you wants to delete your blogger blog.
    So How can remove or delete blogger blog, here am explaining step-by-step procedure to delete your blogger with easy and simple format.
    In this Article we are going to learn How to delete a Blogger Blog in Your Google account.

    NOTE: When You deleting your blog it will remove all the posts and comments all the stuff will be removed.

    How To delete a Blogger Blog

    1. Login to your blogger account through Your Gmail account.
    2. After login Go to Which blog you wants to delete select that blog
    3. After selecting the blog Go to Settings
    4. In settings click on Other Settings 
    5. In other  settings You find Delete Blog
    6. When you click on the Delete Button it will opens a POP up window.
    7. Here Your blog is deleted
    Finally you deleted Your blogger blog. After deleting the blog you can see that in deleted blogs in your blogger account only.

    Conclusion:Removing or deleting a blog is very easy by using the above steps as i mentioned in the How to remove a blogger blog.

    I think almost all the tips i mentioned in the article if i miss any thing please tell me in the comments.

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